Empowering People of Colour

Find Your Tribe is Ottawa's community hub for People of Colour, providing professional development opportunities through workshops, panel discussions and networking events.

Who We Are

Find Your Tribe started organically, by two women who didn’t even know each other a few months ago, nor did they grasp how this incredible idea would grow into the community they see today. 

Find Your Tribe is about that feeling you get when you’re in a room full of people who “get it” - they understand your story, they are ambitious people who want to see you grow.

Find Your Tribe hosts inclusive and educational events that bring together both People of Colour and Allies. Our events range from personal branding talks, self-care workshops, personal finance panels, and a large part of our mandate is to network


We want our fellow People of Color to know that they are seen, that their ideas are valid, and that they matter.


How powerful is that?

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